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Mood Journal

What you will find in this journal:

  • 148 Premium color pages
  • Pages with introductory words for moods related to each color.
  • Pages to color, write, and/or draw.
  • Theme pages
  • Pages with no prompts.
  • Colors ranging from: pink, magenta, red, orange, yellow, green, chartruese, teal, aqua, blue, violet, and purple.
  • 12 pages of creativity per color.

Writing helps your brain process your thoughts and moods.

Journey in Psalms

A 40 Day Journal

This is my first journal to guide you in your daily quiet time with the Lord. It is designed to help you focus on the Psalms you choose and glean from them what the Lord is speaking to you.

It is a companion journal to use with your Bible.

There are Scripture quotes and pages for you to write your own quote.


  • 40 days
  • 3 pages per day
  • Thankful pages
  • Scripture Quotes pages
  • Blank Quote pages for you to fill out
  • Thought provoking prompts
  • 140 pages


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This journal will accompany you during your quiet time with the Lord. Use with your Bible, follow the prompts and write your thoughts.


About Me

I have always loved playing with colors, paints and designs and making things pretty - or cute! I love the freedom of coming up with what my mind sees.

I am so blessed to be able to create these journals for you and I pray that you are truly blessed in using them and deepening your walk with the Lord.

Through my own walk, I have come through tough times and learned to lean on the Lord. I know He is always faithful.

I am also an Emotional Wellness Coach helping women overcome (as I have) emotional pain from past hurts and disappointments. Learn more.

My desire is to help women become who they are intended to be and for them to fulfill their destiny and calling.

My Resources

I love my designers and programs that make it possible to create these journals!

Basic Dashed Rectangle Shape Illustration

Most of the designs that I use to create these journals I find on, Creative Fabrica, and Canva Pro. These tools are amazing, and without them I wouldn't be able to share them with you.

God so loved the world...

Brush Splash Frame

Come take this journey through December and focus on the elements of Christmas.


Old Parchment Paper Scroll Cutout
God so loved
the world

John 3:16

31 days of December
Brush Splash Frame
Buildable Storybook Rocks and Grass

Preparing our hearts for Christmas & the New Year

Loraine Yoder

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This journal will help you prepare your heart for Christmas! Christmas is more than busyness, gifts, food, and family. God had a plan to redeem His people and it started with the perfect Lamb of God, His Son.


  • 4 pages per day
  • 31 days of December
  • Candle/Prayer pages
  • Scriptures to take you on the journey
  • Thought provoking questions
  • Word Puzzle pages
  • 146 pages

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